Thursday, August 9, 2018

This made news?

How?  Sometimes it amazes me what news outlets choose to cover.  It amazes me how they find these stories.

I get it.  A white girl tried to invoke her race to get out of a ticket.  Racism!  Americans are racist!  Racist white girl!

Of course it could be that she assumes the cops are racist since that's the implicit narrative that has been established by media outlets like the BBC.  If I were a young person today, I might be forgiven for thinking that pointing out I'm white to a police officer would carry weight.  After all, despite the number being less than two dozen in one year, we're given the impression that thousands of blacks are gunned down every year by murderous cops who are racist.  Because cops and racism.  Because racist cops.

So much so, remember, that when a black man declared his hatred of all whites and pledged to murder as many white police officers as possible, and then did so, it merely provoked a few days of debate and discussion across most media outlets. Oh, they said it was wrong of course, and bad for the families of the five police officers slain.  But it was worth discussing if the man had a point, or the anger was justified because of those thousands of blacks murdered every year because of racist cops.  Who are racist.

So yeah, I can see her point.  If I were younger, or quite frankly I believed the press, I might think playing the white skin card would garner me some bonus points with cops - especially if those cops were white.  Since that can only mean a racist cop. And you know how those racist cops are!

Bet you anything that's not what the BBC article was wanting me to think.  I wonder how many people thought just that.

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