Friday, August 10, 2018

ABC reminds us that America's problem has always been white skinned Christian men

Each time a group rises in America that is different than the white-male, Christian-dominated structure, that "different" group has been victimized by those who are losing bits of their monopoly on power. (emphasis mine, but obvious)
Wow.  Pretty wretched bunch of deplorables I'd say. Especially coming from a fellow who is quite white and quite American.  Perhaps he means those other white-male, Christian types.

The first anniversary of the Charlottesville clashes is coming up this weekend.  Of course we've had clashes over the last year, often with Antifa showing up to Right wing protests and taking it upon themselves to attack whoever they call fascists.  If you don't know this, you can be forgiven.  It's not exactly on the front pages.

But Charlottesville has been front page news for a year.  Right now, White European and American Heterosexual Christian Men are the bourgeoisie.  And any follower of Marx knows that we need one big revolution to overthrow and eradicate that pesky bourgeoisie.  Of course once the original bourgeoisie been wiped out and there are still problems, then we need to find the next bourgeoisie and repeat. Hence why every time a nation went Communist it turned into a nightmare terror state of mass slaughter and crushing oppression.

The Charlottesville Mayor knows the problem, of course. She knows, just like Matthew Dowd, that it's those white skin American Christians and their racist nation of racism who gleefully accept the white racism of Charlottesville .  Where Americans with white skin are, there will racism be also.  Plus racism, as we know, is the unforgivable sin that defines the person and strips them of their human identity.  If you think Jesus can forgive racism, you've got another think coming. A great many modern Christian leaders appear to approve this message.

Anyway, the Left continues apace.  It divides, it sets up one demographic against another.  In a bizarre twist, they get us to judge based on how we are born (gender, race) and what we believe (religion, politics) in a way that would shame both the Nazis and the Communists of old.  It's as if Lenin and Hitler took a page from Don Corleon.  The Don, as we know, sets up the traitor in the family even if the treason would be revealed after Don Vito passed away.  And that's how it happens.  Vito Corleon passes away, and the traitor falls into Vito's trap and is caught.  Don Corleon may not have been around to catch the traitor, but he made sure he was caught. 

So you wonder if Hitler or Stalin set us up.  They might not have lived to see it, but eventually that pesky American city on a hill will crumble.  Given the propensity we have of repeating all of the worst that both the Communists and Nazis brought the world, it makes you wonder.  They may have lost with their armies and navies, but they won with our televisions, classrooms and newspapers.

Bonus points go to Sarah Hoyt for noticing a little trend among the more murderous revolutions of the last couple hundred years.  Unlike our Founding Fathers, who young people are taught to hate because of their unforgivably racist, genocidal ways, most revolutions don't actually keep their promises.  Unlike the Founders, who merely said they were striving for a nation of liberty and freedom, most murderous revolutions promises the moon and the stars.  They promise a land where everyone will have everything.  No rules, no property.  Nothing.  Just everyone having everything they want.

Once in power, of course, those promises are stripped away.  So one thing that has helped the Left has been the promise of unrestrained sex, drugs, hedonism and debauchery.  Yet we're already starting to see that crumble.  For decades we were told to grab'em if we want'em, reach out for T&A, if it feels good it is good, and all that jazz.  Now, before the Left even has that kind of power, it's stripping all of that away.  In the #MeToo era, a man can have his life ruined because a woman says so.  A man can have his life ruined if his wife talks so someone who makes an accusation.  An accusation will do you.  In the Roy Moore era, we gladly jettisoned the need for presumption of innocence, burden of proof and due process.

And that's before we've even been taken over by some Leftist totalitarian state.  Its not even being taken away from us.  It's being given away.  Because the Left is keeping our eyes off the ball and on each other.  We are taught to fear and hate our neighbors, not love them.  We are told they are the problems and the reason we suffer.  We are told it is because of their beliefs, or skin color, or religion, or national origin.  We are told our vile and evil nation had nothing with which to commend itself, so why should we care what principles they established?  The only thing that matters is me.

In short, our nation is on the verge of being overthrown.  It is on the verge of being taken over by a power that has no concern about keeping its promises.  It is being overthrown by a power that is proud of its ability to discard whatever moral truths it proclaims on a given day.  It is on the verge of being seized by a power that has already given us glimpses of the post-justice nation it envisions.  And we are watching it crumble under the assault of a movement that has made it clear it wants us to fight each other, and will continue to find more ways for us to fight, until there is nobody left to resist.

That should be obvious.  But unfortunately a growing number of Americans who know better simply aren't going to give up their six figures for Jesus and getting invites to all the best parties in Manhattan.  Therefore it's head in the sand and closed eyes all the way, in the hopes that when it all goes down, it will only be those others who pay the price. I suppose we assume as long as it's some other person based on skin color or religion or wrong thinking, it's the sacrifice we're all willing to make.

The Left's new Abschaum

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