Wednesday, August 29, 2018

More on the sex abuse scandal latest

Rod Dreher takes a more mature and balanced look.  At the end of the day, it's looking ugly.  Pope Francis is still innocent.  But there is certainly reason for a full investigation.  Not an investigation that promises to drag anyone and everyone over ten miles of broken glass if they dare point to Pope Francis.  But one that seeks the Truth.  Most I hear are in two camps: they want the truth, or they're desperately trying to protect homosexuality, Pope Francis, and the status quo when convenient.  I'm going with the first camp.


  1. I think, after reading several similar stories, the Vigano Letter is making a bit more sense.

    Being the Pope of 'Mercy', His Holiness may have gone one bridge to far.

    He lifted sanctions on several homosexual predator priests in the name of 'mercy', only to have it backfire on him.

    Two things, 1) homosexuality isn't seen as a taboo to Italians. 2) Mercy was applied to homosexual predators because of #1.

    Too many stories to site, but you can visit to see all of them.

    But this one particular story I will link to in the combox. You all may be familiar with it after the following statement. It is about that 'Cocaine-Fueld Gay Orgy' in the Vatican apartments awhile back.

    1. Makes sense. It was clear that Pope Francis was willing to give many benefits of hundreds of doubts to the sins associated with more modernist trends. I fear this time it will be at a heavy cost to everyone.


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