Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Pope's letter to the Faithful

Is looked at here, and here, and here.

Bottom line: It was big on fluff and emotions, low on accountability, solutions and wanting to look at the hard questions.  Even the press - which has been a pretty big part of the Francis Fan Club - noted a particular vacancy in the hard solutions department.

Some Catholics are trying to circle the wagons, blaming anyone and everyone else under the sun.  Others are busy defending homosexuality or other liberal influences in the Church.  Some clergy appear desperate to keep things as close to the way they've been, despite the disastrous results.

On the whole, however, it seems Catholics - and their brothers and sisters in other Christian traditions - are willing to look beyond the agendas or job security and are willing to ask the hard questions, seek the hard answers, and do what it takes for the sake of the actual Gospel.

No, they don't want to purge all bishops, guilty or innocent.  That sort of thing smacks of nothing more than a sensational scorched earth reaction for the cameras, while not really addressing the deeper issues.  Many who are advocating that are also the ones desperately trying to keep our eyes off of the homosexual elephant in the sacristy.

Nonetheless, I'm somewhat optimistic.  Seeing such a catastrophic train wreck, and seeing the obvious lack of desire for the world to say 'Ah shucks, who are we to judge', it might be time to realize the problems didn't start with Pope Francis, or Vatican II, or even the 20th century.   It might be that the Church, like so much of the Christian Faith, has been off the rails for some time.

BTW, I should add that, like most sane people, I don't think homosexuality is the only cause of the problems.  Like others, however, I am aghast at how many in our world and in the press simply will not look at that issue.  As I said here, it's strange that there is no end to the suffering and death we're willing to tolerate rather than walk back the modern ideals of the sexual revolution.

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