Thursday, August 16, 2018

Governor Andrew Cuomo expounds on the Leftist gospel

America was never that great

Compared to what I wonder.

He doesn't say.  As is usual with the modern Left, he's long on empty rhetoric, short on actual details.  He sets up an impossible standard for greatness: when each and every American is 'fully engaged', then we'll be great.  Whatever he means by full engaged it beyond me.

Whatever it means, it can never happen.  Where two or more are gathered, you will never have 'everyone fully anything.'   That's not a Christian theological standard.  That's a common sense standard.

Nonetheless, by setting up such standards Gov. Cuomo has essentially told us that the Leftist revolution will continue forever and ever and ever.  Remember a few months ago when I wrote about a S. American historian who told me to always be wary of the revolution that won't admit victory? In this case, Gov. Cuomo is setting it up so there is no need to discuss victory.  It will never happen, so those who benefit from the revolution will have eternal job security.

The other disturbing  thing about this, beyond the stupid dumb of his statement and the clear contempt that the Left has for our country and heritage, is the cheers that arose when he made the statement.  The Left has bred generations of Americans who are sure the most evil country in history is this America that needs burned to the ground.

Hence the white racist nationalist march that didn't happen last weekend.  What did happen was a bunch of Leftist anarchists who had nothing better to do than assail police, threaten journalists and chant their desire for an end to the United States. 

Which is why you haven't heard much about the march.  We're told white racism is like a tsunami, with tens of millions jumping on board and millions of minorities in terror of pain and death on a daily basis.  And yet more people belong to the pottery class at the local art museum than showed up for the nationwide white supremacy march.  On the other hand, you had thousands with their hatred of police, media establishments and America taking to the streets.

This is all tied together.  Where it will go, I don't know.  Many Christians play the 'seek God's kingdom first' card to excuse not caring about what happens to America.  The same, of course, could be said about Global Warming and caring about what happens to the planet.  The point is, I fear they are playing that card because they're tired of the fight or they don't want to jeopardize continuing to suffer for Jesus on six figures a year. 

Given that they would be the best hope for standing up to this movement dedicated to the eradication of the United States, and all of the blessings it brought the world, it doesn't look promising. 

BTW, and I've heard he came out and modified his statements.  Fine enough.  But let's face it, which set of statements do you believe? 

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