Saturday, August 11, 2018

I think I have an answer for Newsweek

So there is much being made about the fact that Fox News sees America's demographic changes as not necessarily a good thing.  In other words, Fox doesn't share the Pelosi doctrine that once white skin has been eliminated from the human gene pool, the world will be a happier place.  As a result - and this might come as a shock - there are a growing number of white people tuning to Fox.

A sane person might think it could have something to do with this.  It's not that there is serious Goebbels talk about white people in America.  It's that it is being echoed across our various institutions of power and influence.  While white nationalists are confined to the back hills of Montana or some back alley in Atlanta, those pulling the same attitude against white people enjoy the highest positions of prestige and privilege in our society.

Say white people are genetic racists, that white civilization alone is a pox on humanity, or that whatever happens to white people is deserved, and chances are you'll be getting raises, honorary degrees and all manner of praise and adoration from the power players of modern America.

The worst part of it all?  Traditional white supremacy and white nationalism are still a problem, and one can easily begin to slip the other way and ignore or even defend such sin and evil.  The challenge is to keep neo-Nazi styled racism away while seeing the clear sin and evil that is demonstrated in taking a Goebbels speech about Jews and changing Jew to White.   It's sin.  It's evil.  But like antisemitism in Nazi Germany, or racism in the Jim Crow era, it's the kind of sin and evil that's at best socially acceptable.  At worst, it will soon become mandated by law.

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