Friday, August 31, 2018

Focus on the victims

Not the police brutality.   Not the racism.  Not America's past.  Not religion as a whole.  Not Christianity.  Try those on for size. 

After all, one of the common retorts to 9/11 memorials is that we should focus on the victims, not the terrorists or not Islam.  I'm fine with that.  As always, however, let's keep it consistent, or your hypocrisy and prejudices might show.

I thought of this as I read this explanation for a controversy buzzing around internet media.  I have no idea what's going on, since all the article does is say right wing media is wrong, but doesn't really explain what actually happened or what as actually said.  In the story, we're told that someone, possibly a Muslim given the name, put up counter-posters to last year's memorial, including one saying 'Focus on the Terrorists, not Islam.' 

Fine, as I say, let's do that always, or never.  I'm done with the hypocrisy and double standards that have disguised themselves as principles over the years. 

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