Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Candace Owens exposes Twitter Racism

By doing the very simple little test I've talked about.  Take any racist statement made about Blacks, Jews, Muslims, Hispanics, or any other minority group.  Erase whatever term is used for Black, Jew, Muslim or Hispanic and replace with the word White. In many cases today, you'd barely miss a beat.

The opposite it true of course, and that's what Ms. Owens does.  Take a vial, hateful racist statement made against White people.  Scratch out White and replace it with Black, Jew, Muslim, Hispanic, or any other designated minority group exploited cared about by the Left.   As her Tweet shows, you don't even miss a beat.

The funny thing is that Twitter immediately banned her vile and racist tweet.  Until it realized that the same exact thing had been tweeted by Harvard graduate New York Times hire Sarah Jeong.  The tweet that was banned was literally what Ms. Sarah Jeong had tweeted about Whites, only with the word 'White' replaced by 'Black'.  And when it said White, it was allowed with no problem.   

Yes, the Left hearts racism.  It hearts sexism.  It adores censorship, violence, the culture of death.  It advocates blasphemy, debauchery, narcissism, apathy, nihilism, and anything that will turn the human race into drugged up, sexed up idiots.  And it reminds us, almost openly, that it will gladly push the very things liberalism railed against back in the day.  Things like bigotry, discrimination, racism, sexism, and anything that advances its goals.

Does this mean that the Left is the only problem?  Does it mean there are no bad elements  to the right of center?  Of course not.  But as I've said a million times, the big difference is that the institutions that should protect us from such evils are now fully behind advocating, promoting and imposing such evils on our nation.  The press, arts and entertainment, our higher education system, should all be about challenging such things as racism and sexism and other forms of evil, no matter who is doing it or who it is doing it against.

But that's not what is happening.  As the case study courtesy of Ms. Owens shows.  Twitter is well aware of what is bad and wicked and evil.  It only cared when it was applied to Blacks, even if the individual who tweeted it was black herself.  Anyone who can't see the problems behind this is blind or a fool.

Advice: Flee Twitter and other outlets that are about peddling evil and the death of all we hold dear. If you were Jewish, would you buy from a Nazi store?  If you were Black, would you patronize a KKK laundromat?  I don't think so.   I wonder how much longer those who don't want to be the next demographic sent to the back of the bus will cater to those who want to send them there.

Bonus point for Rod catching yet another Marxist/Leninist/Stalinist tendency among the modern Left.  When people say 'cultural Marxism', I think what they mean is  that the Left might not be dyed in the wool Marxist by purpose.  Rather the Left, because of the heavy influence Marx has had upon modern progressive ideals, tends to echo and imitate many of those wonderful Marxist tactics and perspectives that brought so much joy and happiness to so many millions over the last century.

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