Saturday, August 18, 2018

Dan Rather insists some racism is more justified than others

From the reporter who lost his job when it was revealed he had colluded with the Democrats in order to hamstring George W. Bush, who then defended a forged document by insisting evidence wasn't needed when we know someone is guilty, we have this gem.

This is stupid, and it's racism.  To hate or condemn or dismiss the suffering of or to stereotype based on race or skin color or ethnicity is racism.  It's evil. 

This shows the ease with which such evil can be embraced by a society when we see it happening before our very eyes.  Ever wonder how such evils could be embraced by the people of the past?  You needn't wonder anymore.  Just read a newspaper, a tweet, or turn on the television.

For the Christian, of course, there should be only one answer to any racism ever: It is of the devil.  Period.  The minute - the second - a Christian tries to justify hatred of an ethnicity or race or skin color (even if it's his own) he becomes a case study as to how such racism throughout the ages was possible in the first place.

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