Friday, August 10, 2018

This is important

Because the press says it's important.  There is no morality attached to it at all.  The only ethical mandate is that you accept it as normal.   This is how you do it.  This is how you make the abnormal normal, the right wrong, the good evil, and the dangerous safe.  With mass media, you can do anything. 

Throughout the ages people have always been able to be convinced to do the unthinkable, accept the unacceptable, and champion the self-destructive.  Mass media simply assures that no matter how educated we are, there will always be that way to convince 66% of any population that squares are, in fact, round, and it's only a history of geophobic bigotry that is behind our refusal to admit the obvious.

So whatever their qualifications, whatever their ideals, whatever their promises, it matters not.  Because the press says so.  What matters is what matters today: the demographic.  How you are born.  What you want your gender to be.  What your skin color is.  What your national origin is.  That's it.  What you actually plan to accomplish or do accomplish is of little importance.  Because the press says so.

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