Thursday, August 2, 2018

Another popular atheist meme gets owned

Courtesy of Mike Flynn

Yes, as a non-believer, you always know in your gut that many of those little digs at religion are more flash than substance. For instance, you usually know enough religious people to know not all are bad.  At least you know that there are as many bad non-religious people.  Likewise, as much as popular portrayals have religious types being slightly off of the IQ scale, you're also aware that many, many brilliant people in the past and present are quite religious.

Nonetheless, you chase whatever you think will be that final 'proof' that not  being religious is the obvious truth.  You know in your gut it's just your opinion, but being non-religious, you cling to anything that is remotely scientific sounding to give your opinions heft.  Of course sometimes that 'science' is less science than belief in the King James Bible as the only authorized word of God.  You just hope nobody comes by like Mr. Flynn and points out the obvious.

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