Friday, August 31, 2018

Shout your abortion!

Hurrah for abortion!  This gives the lie to those former conservative Christians who now align more and more with the political Left.  Many who are proudly 'post conservative Christian' base their move on the wretchedness of all to the Right, with belief in the profound purity and goodness of all to the left of center.

As if to demand more blind obedience to the lie, you have an entire movement growing in popularity that calls on women to celebrate and rejoice in as many abortions as possible.  Love abortion, celebrate abortion, wear every abortion as badge of honor and a finger in the eye of those wretched men.

The only choice post-conservative Christian types have is to dig hole, insert head, and hope God isn't paying attention.  Otherwise they will be forced to admit that those who embrace the sins of the Left may not do it because they are compelled to by conservatives.  They might do it because they love doing it.

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