Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The NFL is not being hypocritical

As true as this video is, the problem isn't the NFL being hypocritical.  It merely is being obedient to the Left.  To that end it does what is common among the Left: declare all morality to be based on obedience to the Left.  So censorship, we learned growing up, is one of the most vile and wicked of all human actions.  Unless it services the Left. The same with bigotry.  The same with violence.  The same with intolerance.

And on and on we could go for hours.  So the fact that the NFL has long punished expressing viewpoints or promoting agendas on the NFL's dime is not a problem.  It's not a surprise.  It's not even a problem.  A company has a right to demand conformity to a set of principles, or so I've been told when it comes to firing people who speak out against things like abortion or gay marriage.

That the NFL turns on a dime and lets players (and anyone else) openly buck the rules in order to advance a liberal narrative merely demonstrates the choke-hold the Left has on a growing portion of our society.  Just ask Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who was beaten down and forced to recant for committing the unforgivable sin of ordering a chicken sandwich at an ethically unclean restaurant.

This is the new morality.  I hope it's what Americans want, because it's what Americans will get.  I watched a CBS news documentary on racism in Portland.  One young black man summed it up pretty well.  The racist evil that is endemic to America's institutions isn't because the system is broken. The evil racism is because the system is working fine and doing what it was designed to do.  This was always an irredeemably evil nation, and the only solution is to see its various institutions burned to the ground and rebuilt.  So said he.

As we look at things like the clear double standards applied to conformers and non-conformers; as we see a nation almost proud to abandon notions of due process, presumption of innocence and burden of proof; as we see people dragged before the media court over statements made decades ago; as we watch lives destroyed because the wrong skin color used the wrong words; as we see careers threatened because someone is married to someone who heard about accusations that have yet to be proven; I'd say we should know what this new version of America will look like.

After all, these developments are being accomplished by the Left without any actual power.  Imagine what it will be someday when it finally obtains the power it so clearly desires.  The NFL, for all its manifold problems during the Goodell era, is merely falling into lockstep along with a growing number of institutions and corporations because that's where the compass is pointing.  It wouldn't be the first time such blind obedience to a rising power occurred.  It won't be the last.

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