Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Atheist group lets the cat out of the bag

Secular groups are trying to establish official atheist clubs in public high schools. A school in Florida, seeing the double standard, says no.  They don't allow religious clubs, they can't have atheist clubs. So what is the response?  Read it and laugh (or weep as the case may be):
"The kicker is the Florida high school that refuses to approve an atheist club on the grounds that it doesn’t allow any religious clubs. But an atheist club, by definition, is not a religious club. That’s the whole point. Atheism is a religion like abstinence is a sex position. Like not being hungry is a meal. Like not believing in magic is a trick. What is it about non-belief that believers find so threatening?"
Now, thinking people know it's a crock when atheists attempt to hind under the whole 'not-un-belief' of atheism.  Atheism is a belief.  It is a belief that the universe is only material and all that exists must be material, and therefor can be studied using the scientific methodology common to the physical sciences.

But living in the age of Reality Television has dulled the minds of many, and opened up vast breaches in common sense that those dedicated to the eradication of liberty and freedom are able to exploit.  This is nothing other than an admission that the purpose of all this Separation of Church and State sloganeering was not to achieve a nation of religious liberty and freedom.  It was to hamstring idiots long enough to set up a secular tyranny that, just like most other secular nations of modern times, has every intention of brutally controlling thought, speech, and most importantly, religion.  All of this, of course, is promised for the price of a good roll in the sack and the opportunity to abort anything that could hinder future hedonism.

Bill Maher, possibly one of the most ill-informed and least educated voices on modern television, is brought in as a 'Heavy.'  That alone should show the quality of so much of the modern atheist movement.  A man who demonstrates Fred Phelps level hatred and contempt for those with whom he disagrees, mixed with an almost stunning lack of knowledge of the subject he has devoted his career to slamming, says all that is needed.  Except the observation that calling in the likes of Maher will get you just the level of stupidity you see in the quote above.

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