Saturday, September 22, 2012

I thought almost all Catholic Women use birth control

If a rather detailed and meticulous study done by The Ethics and Public Policy Center is close to accurate, then that famous 5% we heard so much about might be a bit low.  I know, even studies that appear this painstakingly done should be taken with a grain of salt.  The center is, of course, not an unbiased organization.

But neither was the MSM that repeated over and over, day after day, the meme that since only 5% of Catholic women follow Church teaching about contraception, that it was supposed to mean something.  For me, of course, the problem was that we shouldn't care.  If the Civil Rights era mentality said anything, it was that rights are not majority based.  It doesn't matter one rip if only a single person is having his or her rights violated. So I was shocked that suddenly it appeared that the supporters of Obama's HHS mandate were appealing to this low number as reason that we shouldn't really care. 

But I was always suspicious of such a number so quickly found, and so easily and consistently tossed about. I know Catholics following Church teaching is a sore spot for the Church.  Unfortunately, a great many Catholics do not, and they're proud of it.  I remember sitting at my one of my son's events, and a woman who goes to our parish was boasting of having had a tubal ligation to avoid more kids. But still, the numbers seemed conveniently low, and I admit they also seemed conveniently convenient for those wishing to support Obama. We'll have to see.  Again, this being the post-modern Internet age, I doubt that facts matter much anyway. 

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