Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Don't tell me a Chicago Alderman lied

Because if this story is correct, Chick-fil-A may not have surrendered to the leftist juggernaut of censorship and oppression as quickly as Joe Moreno indicated.  It's obvious that CEO Dan Cathy has been forced to reevaluate how he expresses his non-liberal views, and reevaluate what non-liberal organizations he chooses to support.  This is just part of 21st century American living.  If you aren't liberal, you had better watch your butt.  Still, the stories that Cathy and Chick-fil-A were severing all ties with groups that blaspheme the gospel of non-heterosexual normality, all of which seemed to originate with one of the Chicago Aldermen who was proud of his brutal Orwellian inspired tactics, may have been overplayed.  If so, I'll see.  I still have hope that you can openly be non-leftist in our country, and if Cathy is keeping the faith, that shows there's still hope for other non-leftists in America.

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