Friday, September 7, 2012

More Americans are hating on Muslims

According to a CNN report on its Belief Blog.  This rising anti-Islamic sentiment must be getting close to topping out, since I've been hearing stories for over 10 years of the growing Islamaphobia in America.  I mean, at some point, it has to hit full, right?  But for me, I'll say just as I did some time back, I think it's a profound disappointment to many that Americans, on the whole, haven't gone out and butchered and slaughtered their fellow Americans who happened to be Muslim.  I mean, we're a racist nation, right?  The streets were supposed to run bridle-high with blood of the innocent as Americans went on their expected racial killing sprees.  Our government, then run by Republicans, was supposed to round them up and ship them to isolated concentration camps just like we did Japanese and Germans and Italians in WWII.  But it didn't happen.  And I think that has irked those who have been able to push much change in our country under the auspices of America being so evil, it just needs to change.  Smart, insightful people should look and ask themselves if America is always and has always been so evil, then why weren't there more Americans doing what they were supposed to do in the wake of 9/11?

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