Friday, September 7, 2012

Sometimes I'm not bad

Unlike many bloggers, I'm not a professional writer.  My background as a former Protestant Clergy turned Catholic sans employment is littered with studies in history, Church history, and theology from an Evangelical Protestant POV.  I'm usually a better speaker than writer.  But, since I also don't like being in front of people, I see no need to set up a camera and impose my moving image on a medium already filled to the brim with inexcusable images. 

But even though I'm not a wordsmith by trade, every now and again I notice I actually wrote something well.  I said it in a way that made sense, didn't ramble, got to the point, and was enjoyable to read.  As I've said before, the blog is basically to be a sounding board for me talking to myself, and keeping my mind as fresh as I can.  That's it.  So it comes as a pleasant surprise when I see something I wrote attracting attention.  And more, when I notice it was well written.  Not to boast, but here it is.  I don't know why the sudden uptick in views, but at least it wasn't painful to read. 

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