Wednesday, September 5, 2012

In keeping with the 'Democrats as the Post-Christian Party' theme

Looks like there is more evidence coming in that, no matter how you vote as a Catholic, supporting the modern Democratic party demands serious explanation. Not only have they officially taken 'God' out of the party platform, but they are leaning heavily on pseudo-Orwellian verbal imagery to remind us that it is not God, families or individuals, but the State to which we owe the blessings of every good and perfect gift:

I know, technically there is nothing Constitutionally wrong with taking 'God' out of a party platform. To be honest, I was shocked to see it was there in the first place. And had it been any other party in any other time, I would have shrugged and figured it was just a little bit of PC self-censorship. But the modern Democrats, being what they are, there is a lot more buckshot to this, and it speaks more of the post-Christian revolutionary movement that the party has attached to.

Sort of like Obama's 'you didn't build that' speech. Did the GOP take his statements out of context? Sure they did. They took them out of their immediate context.  But critics were right in pointing out that, when taken in the uber-context of Obama's overall speech and presidency, he meant what his critics said - we owe everything to the State, which is why old boundaries of individual liberty and religious freedom must now be surrendered to the one force to which we owe thanksgiving. 

Again, I'm not saying the logical solution is supporting the GOP, a party I see as mixed up with many conflicting ideologies, many of which are no less hostile to traditional understandings of Christian values.  But for the most part, those are debates, not platforms.  When a party adopts platforms to define itself, it is giving an official stamp of approval and stating openly that these are the goals. To support a party whose goals are to undermine Christian freedom and morality, begs accountability at least. 

UPDATE: It looks like the Democrats have backed off on their plans to remove 'God' and 'Jerusalem' from their platform language.  Most stories are saying it is the result of Republican-led outrage.  Personally, I can't imagine the Democrats being that concerned about outrage if it is simply the result of Republican yelling and stomping about.  My guess is, it cut into some of those key constituencies who still support some form of traditional alliance with Israel, as well as some of those old time Democrats who still have at least one foot firmly planted in the Faith of our Fathers.  So this post is, at this point, part of history.  Read into it what you will.

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