Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sporting updates at September's end

So the Griffey boys had hit a funk.  From MVP and Varsity qualifiers, to sudden drops all around.  My Cross Country runners had descended into a string of sub-par performances and our resident football player had gone from MVP to second string after two lackluster performances.  Well, it looks like the last week of September turned things around.

Our oldest finally came back in one of the worst environments for a cross country run - after hours of torrential downpours forced the course to be redesigned due to standing water.  Next up, after two sub-par football performances, our 7th grader came back in the second half to at least point to what made him MVP early in the season.  And finally our 8th grader broke a string of disappointments that began in our only home middle school meet, when sickness and allergies caused a massive drop and almost inability to finish (despite this, he kicked it in during the last sprint to keep a runner from the other school from passing him).  Though not to his best, it was at least in the right direction, passing several teammates who had seized the moment to pass him the previous meets.   This was capped off by our oldest today, finally getting by and getting closer than ever to qualifying for varsity.  So well done boys.  Even when things get down, you can always pick back up.  No matter how low they go, there is always that chance to turn things around.

A week ago, and the standing water tells the tale, except it was his best time in over a year

After the race, several decided to go swimming in the puddles - my boy was not one of them

Not the right meet, but it does well showing his determination at the Thursday  invitational 

The circle shows our 7th grader, ready to make one awesome block that will set up a great gain

Team defying the ACLU secular mandate, and going far to motivate my son to chop off more time from his record

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