Thursday, September 20, 2012

To the haunted cemetery!

According to haunted Ohio lore, there is a small, largely forgotten cemetery just south of Delaware, accessible from the Stratford Ecological Center.  The fellow who wrote a bit about it for some haunted cemetery fan site suggested that strange things happen at this forlorn corner of the county, which abounds in all manner of haunted airs.

Well the family and I, seizing upon a day off due to the annual Little Brown Jug, decided to have a go at finding this little gateway to the netherworld.  We arrived late, alas, and this only gave us an hour to go through quite a bit of winding trails through the woods.  This wasn't aided by the fact that map reading-wise we are a family of amateurs.  So it was almost 20 minutes into our journey before we figured out which way to go (despite the presence of signs pointing the way).  Just when we came to the fork in the trail that led down cemetery trail (maybe it's not so forgotten), we had to turn back as it was getting near closing time.  Oh we'll save the rest for another day, but knowing how way leads to way, at least in our crazy family, who knows when we'll be back!  Hopefully soon, or even in October, that witching month.  We'll see.  We'll see.

The boys listening to our youngest explain which direction we need to go

The woods as they looked in the late afternoon 

The woods as they felt knowing that time was ticking and it was getting late


  1. Let me know when you go again. I have been wanting to see this cemetery for a long time. Plus I have an excellent sense of direction and seldom get lost. (seldom but not "never") - Rose


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