Sunday, September 30, 2012

Looks like J.K.Rowling has a new book

And it probably will be the stuff of many debates and discussions.  Rowling is the first fruits of the global internet age, author of a book series of unprecedented success, and the matriarch of later works such as the Twilight Series of The Hunger Games.  In short, books where even fans begin by admitting they aren't the greatest followed by gushing praise and adoration and the bearing of teeth toward anyone who dares question her greatness, are going to have a legacy for better or worse.  On this thread on Good Reads, we have a string of reviews with the usual warfare common on any internet subject.  My favorite?  The fellow who concludes the book was not readable, but rather than dare to criticize his idol Rowling, concludes he is the problem; he's just not right for the book.  
In other words, I am the reason that I cannot (and probably should not) try to read this book. I am not the right reader for this book. 
You have to love it.  I've often considered that it's not so much the genre of fantasy and science fiction that I don't care for, it's the fan base of those genres that have always seemed a bit, well, you know.

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