Saturday, September 15, 2012

Maronite leader responds to anti-American riots

By condemning the film that supposedly forced Muslims to take to the streets and slaughter innocent people.  Once again, there is that latent love/hate throughout so much of the Catholic world when it comes to America.  If Muslims made an anti-American film, and Americans took to the streets to blow up Mosques and kill Muslims, would his reaction have been to call the film shameful, or to condemn Americans for killing Muslims?  I don't know.  You decide.  But it would have been nice if he was quoted as saying 'as much as I disagree with this movie produced by a Coptic Christian, I must emphasize my utter disgust at the barbaric slaughter that seeks to use violence and bloodshed to squelch the freedom to express opinions about any religion, no matter how offensive.'  It would have been nice, and I hope he just wasn't fully quoted.  If he was, and that's all he had to say about it, then shame on him.

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