Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Can you feel the liberal love?

One of the unspoken, yet frequently referenced, super-narratives of our age is that liberals are by definition good, kind, tolerant, loving, caring, sophisticated, and peaceful.  Conservatives are, by contrast, evil, stupid, violent, boorish, intolerant, judgemental, self-righteous, ignorant, and cold-hearted in their love of money and warfare.  So it is that when violence erupts in some random fashion, it isn't unheard of to hear media pundits assume that it must be because of some conservative group or individual.  We all know what I mean there. 

Of course this is hogwash.  There are just as many good conservatives and there are just as many evil, violent, hateful, intolerant liberals.  And vice versa.  Nonetheless, the narrative that our media culture would rather us have, aided by our entertainment institutions and educational systems, is that those who cling to old ways are the mischief, and those who in fact press forward by challenging the status quo are ever and always the good guys.  Well, dont' expect to see endless weeks of media pundits discussing this fellow whose picture is making the rounds on the Internet, for otherwise the above narratives would be shaken, and we can't have any of that:

Shirt reads: Exterminate One Christian at a Time.  In professional lettering no less.

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