Thursday, September 20, 2012

Meanwhile on the same atheist blog pining to eliminate religious freedom

I see several cheering on Chick fil A's surrender to our Big Politically Correct Brother.  The most enjoyable part?  Those who seem shocked - Shocked! - when people suggest that across the entire planet, there could be possibly one atheist - just one - who could ever do anything wrong, evil, bad, or flawed.  The internet atheist world makes that back alley universe of 1920s Central Europe seem reasoned and balanced by comparison.

Best response to a reasoned observation that some serious censorship was involved in bringing low the house of Chikin:
The only groups that are trying to take away freedoms are the fundie christian groups passing laws discriminating against non-believers. You scream censorship and denial of freedom because others want to live they way they want and not by the christian religion.
Because the leaders of some of America's largest cities calling for the ban of Chick-fil-A because of failing to conform to the gay rights movement was all about fundie christian groups passing laws discriminating against non-believers.  The intellectual vacancy that is Internet Atheism continues to astound.

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