Friday, September 7, 2012

Worried about the future?

Concerned that America may be passing into the trash heap of history, that Western Civilization is eroding, that our freedoms and liberties are disappearing? Bothered by the genocides, wars, famines, diseases and violence that continue to claim endless numbers of innocents around the world?  Struggling to make ends meet, unable to pay the bills, falling out of the dwindling middle class?  Why, not to worry.  Why?  Because Americans are resilient?  Because humanity can come together to make it through the tough times?  Because God exists?

Heck no. Because Apple just announced they will launch a new IPhone this September 12! Woohoo!  Yeah!  A product based on immediate obsolescence to suck your decaying finances dry.  And one so inefficient that an entire cottage industry exists to help you navigate the myriad problems and deficiencies associated with this miracle of technology.  Sigh.  What an enlightened age we live in where the good people are kept from worrying about the little things by focusing on the important ones.

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