Thursday, February 22, 2018

Exploiting shooting victims for a political cause

By now, anyone with half a brain should know that the 'student marches' in response to Parkland are being aided, if not coordinated, and supported by interests well beyond the halls of a local high school.  The media, of course, is on board, getting 99.9% of our attention to be on solutions that would likely do little, if any, good in curtailing this ghastly phenomenon of handling our problems at gun point aimed at soft targets.  

Now, it's bad enough that the press is obviously doing this for its political purposes.  It's bad enough that people are behind this, pushing the kids ahead as shields against criticism of the press's position.  But as Donald McClarey discovered, it's a well orchestrated shield, in which those whose experiences or ideas don't match the Marxist Left are sent to the media cornfield.  Or at least told they can't have a microphone at a 'open town hall meeting.' 

Shameful.  His experience is every bit that of any of the students who suffered that horrible day.  Yet he was silenced by CNN.  Call this reason #984,579,844,795,794 why lovers of freedom and those worried about the society we are bequeathing to our children are skeptical about things like the Gun Control Movement. If the American Propaganda Ministry wasn't behind the GCM, there might be less suspicion.  Though the growing 'Ban Guns, Kill the NRA, Gun owners next time' memes I'm seeing aren't helping ether.

Meanwhile, another instance of a police officer shot and killed reminds us that the problems are greater than any one gun law.  

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