Sunday, February 11, 2018

Prayers for two slain police officers here at home

Two police officers, responding to a 9/11 call, were killed.  This as much of our country ratchets up anti-police rhetoric, and yarns about cops as killer Nazis.  This is one area that Trump has helped.  After eight years of Obama assuming the worst in any case of a police shooting, Trump has made clear that support for our law enforcement officials is non-negotiable.  That seems to have helped. 

And of course we have no way of knowing what motivated this.  Though it's enough to know that when we disdain our police officers on a public and executive level, it's not difficult to think average criminals will feel more at ease about challenging, and even attacking, those same police.

This especially hits home as one of my sons considers a career in law enforcement.  Like having a child who wishes to join the military, there's a love/hate with that.  If he would rather do something like basket weaving I'd prefer it.  Nonetheless, it's a noble career and one we're proud of.  But pardon me if, as the Kaepernick syndrome continues, I become less and less tolerant of those who focus on the worst of police to define police. 

All of this is to say that we don't know why these two heroes were slain.  It could be unrelated.  But it would be better to live in a nation where we didn't have to wonder.  Prayers for them and their families.  Two sets of families just lost their fathers and husbands, sons and brothers.  Pray for strength and peace for them, and for those two officers who gave their last full measure of devotion to our nation.

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