Friday, February 2, 2018

The senators who voted for Infanticide

Because that's what late term abortions are.  Plain and simple.  You know it.  I know it.

One of the problems with the emergent Left is that we've lost a powerful trump card in the debate.  Used to be that we could point to old, pre-Christian societies to say that, despite the methods sometimes used, the world was better off as the Christian world view, however problematically, made its way to the corners of the globe.

We could point to things like matricide, patricide, human sacrifice, suttee, and others that non-European, non-Christian cultures did as evidence that we're better off than they were.   We could say that ditching the Judeo-Christian world view could plunge us back into an age where such heinous practices reemerge as the norm.

Now, as we have even Catholic outlets becoming sounding boards for bringing those practices back in the form of assisted suicide, euthanasia, and late term abortions, we've lost that argument.  Increasingly, people have moved from not caring about returning to such a world, to actually wanting to return to such a world.

I've said we're going to have to wake up and realize the old pagans have been reborn, and are now working on evangelizing the Christian Faith.  For 2000 years, the Christian faith went into the world, however imperfectly, sometimes brutally and sinfully, under the charge to make disciples of the nations.

Now, the nations are making disciples among the Christian faithful.  Will we pull out in time?  Will we see the writing on the wall before it's too late?  Hard to tell.  If these well known and politically powerful Catholic Senators, and the subsequent silence from Catholic circles and leadership, says anything, I'm not confident we'll make it without a test by fire.


  1. You don't even have to be a Christian to respect life, Budhism and Jainism also do, it's as simple as: would you like to be in the place of that unborn creature and be expulsed and killed by your own mother? And all those years in the psychologist, blaming your parents of all your disgraces? If they only came down to earth and realize that are part of a plan and that they are manipulated by the very same people that they think are fighting against......That those foetus they created in a moment of irresponsible sex are after used industrially....that the left that they are following is simply a great machine to use and process people exploiting them up to their last drip of blood, they exploit us filling us with unnecessary needs, sell us processed foods, vices and ways of life that in the long run will kill us, but in the short we will be the great money providers, for the Monsantos, Big Pharmas etc. and to do all this they have to create a new religion and or if people are still standing strong in their faith just assault those religions from the inside. Keep a watch in the Vatican an this last Pope by the way I lived in Argentina in the dictatorship days and he was part of the priests that were with the Army people that repressed. I also must say that the Country was going through such a mess that as many times before in that Country people were calling at the Army to fix things up. Please read the 21 aggenda, the principles of Club of Rome and who are part of it, the UN and all the plan of globalism, and you all will see what the final plan is. We are in the era of singularity, handwork will be unnecessary soon.......OPEN YOUR EYES LEFTISH, you will be the first to fall if the new era wanted by them happens. They need USA to complete it.

    1. There are atheists that object to abortion to. After all, killing your own offspring is hardly a bright idea under natural selection.


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