Saturday, February 10, 2018

Seamless Garment Catholics, where art thou?

Asks Austin Ruse.  Yep.  I noticed the same thing here.  The Left, in addition to ignoring or excusing things like violence, property destruction and even torture when it comes to attacking the non-Left, is pushing the boundaries of abortion, euthanasia and assisted suicide.  They convinced half the world that when the right doctors say a baby's life is beyond hope, the state should step in and tell parents they must let the baby die.  They rejoice with Iceland as abortion helps find a final solution to the Down Syndrome problem.  It is everything we saw over the last century, reignited for a new generation taught to venerate themselves and their libidos above all gods.

And in it all, the Seamless Garment Catholics are silent.  Deafeningly silent. Some use the old pro-choice narrative that women are forced to terminate their pregnancies because of sexist men or the evils of Capitalism.  Hand out money and abortion will disappear, according to that selective use of convenient data.  Others, of course, deflect the entire issue to one of human hearts.  Abortion, like murder and rape, will always be with us.  Abortion, however, must stay legal because it will always be with us while we try to chance hearts and all.  

In short, abortion has become the topic that moved from the key moral crisis of our age, to one of many moral crises of our age, to now that pesky problem that nobody wants to deal with.  The Seamless Garment insists it still cares, but in the face of ever growing pride in abortion and expanding the way we can eradicate the crippled human that interferes with our lifestyle, those old Garment Catholics have become as quiet as church mice. 

The Left is founded on heresy.  It denies Jesus as the Christ.  It rejects the God of the Bible as revealed by Jesus.  It has spent decades teaching one generation after another to despise the Christian Faith and the civilization it built.  It has taught the world that there is nothing beyond this life worth caring about, that humans are just animals threatening the planet through global warming, and that the sanctity of life stops dead where it ceases to benefit the all important individual. 

It is fast becoming one of the great and terrible scandals of the Church's long history that so many Catholics, and Catholic leaders, desperate to remain relevant to an emerging heresy, have taken this horrifying assault on the most innocent of these and swept it under the carpet.  Or they use calumny and judgmentalism and lies to justify why they have long stepped aside and let the abortion and euthanasia juggernaut continue apace. 

They're not forced to do this at gunpoint.  There are no gestapo agents on the corner compelling us to hide our concern under a bushel.  There are no gas chambers or gulags.  Even then I could sympathize.  This is nothing other than giving way to what must be the greatest threat the Church has ever faced, and all because of the fear that up and coming generations won't like us or think we're cool, and that those awesome places that give out the best awards will shun us.  That these reasons are enough to compel believers to put blinders on and step over the mountain of corpses washed away through the tides of this billowing storm cloud on the horizon will no doubt be one of the great scandals in the long history of scandals in the Church.

God and future generations have mercy on our wretched uselessness. 

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