Thursday, February 8, 2018

Take that Iceland

Iceland is leading the charge to once and for all eliminate Down Syndrome.  Note, it's not by curing Down Syndrome. It's by aborting out of existence those who might have Down Syndrome.  This is the horrifying, evil and demonic side of the modern Left that 'New Prolife Christians' must account for. 

This is all part of the drugs, sex, narcissism and hedonism promised by the modern Left.  No amount of human death and oppression is too much as long as it centered on my awesomeness as the center of my own creation.  The world exists to affirm me.  Governments exist to punish those who don't affirm me and give me whatever I want, whenever I want, as often as I want and with whomever I want. 

As the Church and the broader Christian faithful struggle with squaring that round hole of allying with the emergent Left, things like this must no longer be ignored.  They cannot be dismissed as a distraction from evil traditionalists.  They cannot be excused as some strange unintentional side effect of pure and wonderful people who only want to give peace a chance.  They certainly can no longer accept the modern 'it's evil society's and Capitalism's and sexist men's fault!'.  I've never seen anywhere in the historic Christian faith that says we can blame others for sin and that's good enough.

Nope, Gerber smacks down this creeping evil emerging from the secular Left; this genocide for genitals that calls on a replay of the old Nazi concepts of creating the perfect human race.  Only this time it's for our greed and debauchery, rather than some lame nationalism or racial superiority.  The reasons might have changed but the evil is still there. 

Score one for Gerber.  Penalty flag on those New Prolifers who avoid like a plague such ugly things championed by the Left.  When a mere corporation takes a stand for what servile Christians bury their heads in the sand to avoid, it's time to rethink the current strategies.


  1. I once read a columnist who asked of this idea: what happens when it applies to gayness? Or transgenderism? If those things are "built in," what do you do if people start testing for the gay gene and then steadily eliminate it like Downs Syndrome?

    Should make anyone kind of nervous...

    1. That came up a few years back. IIRC, during the Bush years. Someone, somewhere floated this idea that if we can genetically screen for SSA, then parents should be able to have abortions in kind. Chaos ensued. That's when we learned there was no such thing as a 'gay gene', that it was a bunch of homophobes, that SSA is more complex than that, and besides women's rights stop there. FWIW, I don't remember much push back from feminists over that. Back in the 90s, that was brought up as well, only that time feminists made darn clear that abortion rights trump all others. So there alone we see a shift.


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