Monday, February 12, 2018

The Press hearts Communists

The Olympics Symbol through media colored glasses
Yep.  This Olympics has been marred, as have most things recently, by the focus on politics above all gods.  What matters is not skill, sacrifice, or accomplishment.  What matters is demographic identity and political affiliation.  Those alone are what the Olympics are all about, c. 2018.

So in this, the press continues in a long line of loving the Political Left as the supreme good.  Whether fawning over Mikhail Gorbachev, or Hugo Chavez, or now Kim Yo Jung, the press will love you if you tack to the left of center.  You can govern our avowed enemies, you can oppress the media and political opponents, you can rule over the closest thing to Nazi Germany in the world today.  It matters not.

What matters is that you have even one small toe to the left of center. The Left is very forgiving when it comes to conformity.  As long as you are part of the Leftist current, you can be forgiven a multitude of sins.  Those sins can include, but are not limited to, dictatorships, labor camps, slavery, torture, mass executions, suppressing the press, reigns of terror;  why, there is no sin that the Left won't forgive as long as you conform in some way to the political Left.

This is a reminder that, like identity politics, the Left appears to have no core morality except devotion and fealty to the political Left, just like most totalitarian states of the last century.  It will condemn things like torture or brutality or the naked destruction of basic freedoms and human rights - to a point.  If it benefits the political Left to ignore these same atrocities?  Eh.  They're ready to celebrate the dictator and the terror regime, just like they're ready to throw women and minorities under the bus when convenient.

Almost makes you wonder just what kind of a society the Left really wants, when the media is so prepared to celebrate someone who epitomizes what the the Left ostensibly is trying to protect us from in the first place.

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