Thursday, February 1, 2018

Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin talk


I have only begun to pay attention to Jordan Peterson.  Like most Christians, I see some issues in his 'up by the bootstraps sans God's grace' approach. Plus it appears a lot of the universals he has gleaned from his cognitive studies seem to have rather culturally specific conclusions.

I know less about Rubin and Shapiro.  That I've heard them called bigots, sexists, misogynists, racists, homophobes, transphobic, ignorant, stupid, evil, Alt-Right and fascists/Nazis by those on the always tolerant and open minded diversity loving Left is enough for me to give them a chance.

I'm sure they're not party-line old time religion.  At least Peterson's biggest contribution is speaking up against the clear and obvious grab for a leftist authoritarian terror state before which so many Christians and Christian leaders are caving.  The others? We'll see. 

But here it is.  Watch, listen, learn.  No need to agree with everything.  As Dr. Dave Gushee used to tell us, you can glean from people you disagree with. 


  1. Ben Shapiro is an orthodox jew and Rubin is a gay liberal agnostic who used to work for the young turks before being forced rightward.

    I can provide vids of them telling parts of their story if interested but it is interesting how different they are yet pretty similar.

    I hear Jordan on there mention wanting to talk to someone about Christianity, you should volunteer, Dave. ;)

    1. I fear I would wither before his intellectual scrutiny.

      As for Rubin, that doesn't surprise me. My oldest said that Allen Dershowitz is now a FOX News contributor. That was weird, because my whole life he was a staunch liberal, agnostic Jewish law professor at Harvard who I knew as a major critic of the religious right, conservative Evangelicals, and conservatives as a whole. What is he doing on FOX?

      I saw him interviewed, and apparently he is like Peterson. He doesn't deny there being a dangerous element on the extreme Right, but he admits that there is just as dangerous an element on the extreme Left. Since there appears to be no outlets taking the extremes of the Left seriously, voila! FOX News contributor.


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