Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Political Left is the way, the truth and the life

And nobody can communicate with Jesus but that the Left says so.  Yeah.  The View.  I know, that's sort of cheating.  The one modern production that calls into question the 19th Amendment is hardly fair representation for any movement, the Left or otherwise. Nonetheless this banter reminds us of the brand of tolerance that is peddled left of center. 

It also reminds us that the BS we hear about how it's all because of Trump that everyone has gone bat nuts is just that, BS.  Each time we find some new revelation that Trump could be impeached, we're reminded that it's Pence the Left truly hates.  Just like during the primaries, when it looked as if Rubio did well, or Cruz might be gaining momentum.  Suddenly we were hit with a flurry of pieces reminding us that Rubio, Cruz or anyone else were every bit as wretched and evil and wicked as Trump.

If you believe all of the vitriol, hatred, intolerance, and recent leaps to put an end to the right to not be liberal are solely the result of someone like Trump in the White House, I have a bridge to sell you. Perhaps it looks worse than ever because of Social Media and the more naked biases the press exhibits, but that level of hatred for those who don't conform to the Left goes back to the Reagan years, and possibly before.  It all reminds us that the Left simply hates those who don't conform, period.  Red or Yellow, Black and White, they are loathsome in the Left's sight - unless they conform.

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