Thursday, February 1, 2018

This is called getting ahead of the story

In preparation for the release of a memo that Democrats desperately don't want released, we have this story.  Yesterday it was floated that senior FBI officials really, really don't want the memo released because it contains what could be called inaccuracies.

Now Adam Schiff, lead Democrat in the drive to remove Trump from office, is accusing the Republicans of tampering with the memo itself.  That is, trying to fake it.  You know, like adding to an old signature in a yearbook.  That sort of thing.

Of course there was an explanation given by the Republicans, that the changes were due to a request by the FBI and, you mow, the Democrats. 

But that doesn't matter.  Most people operate on a Headline News mentality.  That is, they see the headline, and that's the news.  They don't dig deeper.  That is what Schiff is counting on.  That is what the press editor who composed the headline is counting on. 

And that, if nothing else, is enough to make me want to see the memo.  When was the last time the Left looked at possible government violation of rights and said, 'Nah, it's no big deal, we don't need to see more'?  The fact that the press, the press that still venerates era of Watergate journalism, seems content with the memo staying hidden is enough to suggest something is going on.

Personally I don't think there will be much 'there' there.  But the dogged fight to keep it hidden by those who once would have jumped over barbed wire to see such a thing released is enough for me.

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