Monday, February 26, 2018

I stand beside the NRA

I'm not a member.  Nor am I sentimental enough to believe that the NRA today looks like the NRA my Dad belonged to all those years ago.  Likewise I'm not stupid enough to think that matters.  I've been hearing NRA IS HITLER talk from gun control and gun ban activists for decades, back when the NRA was supposedly 'not the NRA it is today.'

None of this is to say I agree with the NRA, or think it hasn't gone off on the wrong tracks, or shouldn't back off and consider certain regulations or upgrade some approaches to gun ownership.

I can see that the NRA is simply one in a growing list of 'villains marked for extermination' by the emergent Left.  And there but by the grace of liberals go I and all that.  This could just as easily be me next time.

Even as Gun Control activists insist it's not all about guns, I have yet to hear a serious debate about anything but guns in between mass shootings.  Just like when a cop who might be White shoots a Black man who might not have been armed.  The Left descends on it as if it was the next Holocaust while insisting it will get around to the thousands of Blacks killed by other Blacks soon.  Real soon. And yet the Left never seems to get around to it.

Sorry.  This tactic is becoming all too familiar.  Pick an issue - Blacks killed by cops, mass shootings, transgender bathrooms, gender relativity, gay marriage, abortion and contraception free of charge, whatever.  Declare one acceptable viewpoint (in the name of tolerance and diversity of course).  Then single out whatever it is that is most visibly challenging that viewpoint: it could be an individual or group of individuals, a certain religious group, leader, state or city, or industry.  Then aim all weapons at the offending party and fire.

With complete coordination across academic, entertainment, media and political lines, the point isn't to defend whatever issue is being used.  Given how women, Blacks, minorities, Jews, and others have been treated when they run afoul of the Left, it's easy to imagine that they aren't that important to the overall agenda.  Likewise, given the general lack of concern for 99% of the violence, or the fact that Blacks are dying by the thousands not by cops, or that there are disproportionate problems inherent to the homosexual community, or that thousands continue to die of AIDS in our drugs and sex culture, it's almost possible to believe they don't matter either.

The point is to advance the Left.  All of these other issues are beside the point.  They don't matter any more than heroic youth who risked their lives to save others, but don't believe gun control is the answer, matter.  The jig is up, and the Left is revealing its hand.  Think it through.  Think real hard.

I might not own a gun.  I might have given up hunting ages ago.  But I can see a scapegoat being dragged to the burning stake plain enough.  I've studied history for too many decades to miss the signs.  I want the shooting to come to an end enough to suggest it's not really the guns, but other problems, that should be focused on.  But I can't stand idle while another pet issue is used to destroy another corner of resistance.  If that continues to happen, it won't matter how many guns or not, or shootings or not, or scapegoats are around.  We'll have bigger problems than that.


  1. Dreher agrees with you.

    It will never JUST be the nra because revolutions never stop. And given the things I've seen said about the Catholic church, they are just itching for a chance to go after it.

    1. It's always nice to be in good company.

      Point of clarification. *Most* revolutions never stop. Ours stopped. But we've spent so many years trashing the Founding Fathers that we forget just how unique was their willingness to call a win and then work to improve their promises. It doesn't happen often.

      But yes, Catholics, and indeed all Christians, should be the last ones to jump on this bandwagon.

  2. Ours wasn't a revolution. It was a coup d'etat.

    1. I don't know if it was a coup. We didn't seize the crown and take England. We more or less said 'leave us alone.'

  3. We replaced the imported ruling class with a domestic one.


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