Saturday, February 24, 2018

More hysterics and insanity in the post-modern age

Not the type once fought against and ridiculed by the press and entertainment industries, and brought up to derision and contempt in our institutions of higher learning. Nope.  Those same wardens of freedom and the little person are now the ones taking the lead, whipping up the peons into frenzies of paranoia, foaming at the mouth hatred and bat crazy idiocy.

So two employees of Aramark have been fired because they served a racially insensitive meal.  WTH?  A racially insensitive meal?  I had no idea there was such a thing.  But then I didn't realize the word radical was secret racist messaging, that a green cartoon frog could be a hidden Nazi symbol, that suggesting women smile was an all out war on women, and that suggesting a Muslim who killed people in the name of Islam might be connected to Islamic terrorism was bigoted Islamophobia.

So there you go.  Was a time, c. 1970s/1980s, when the aforementioned institutions mocked and condemned such lunacy.  There was an age when people who spun records backwards for hidden messages and scoured rock lyrics for Satanic allusions were laughed out of the room as the dolts and zealots they were.

But as I've said a million times, it's not the presence of evil or stupidity or both that is a problem.  All societies, all groups, will have the bad and the dumb.  It's when the main pillars of a given society take up the stupid or the dumb that we get into problems.  The problem wasn't that Germans in the 1930s were antisemitic.  The problem was that being antisemitic was the official position of all the institutions of Germany that should have protected its Jewish citizens from such evil.

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  1. Just a correction: "Aramark" (a food services company), not "Amtrak"!


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