Friday, February 2, 2018

Liberal author celebrates train wreck that kills driver

Because the train was filled with GOPers.  OK.  This means nothing other than the fellow is obviously a partisan jerk who doesn't care about human suffering if it serves his biases.  That 0happens.

Meanwhile, that paragon of good taste, who a well known Catholic host once called the greatest American author, decides to use the fatal accident to score a few points:

I post these because the typical narrative of our society, egged on by the press, Hollywood, liberal pundits and activists, and even academics, is that conservatives are always the mean ones, the ones who say things like this.  Liberals are too kind and tolerant and nice and all that jazz.

Nope.  Both liberals and conservatives are quite capable of being nasty.  Likewise, both can produce very kind and thoughtful individuals.  Trying to rest easy based on the idea that 'I'm on the side of the really swell types' is an exercise in stupidity at best.


  1. I wonder if Russ had any thoughts on what the garbage truck driver did that was so bad he deserved to get killed by a train. Maybe Steven King could ask him for us?

    1. That there was a fatality involving a complete innocent makes what they said even worse. Note the lack of outrage from the usual instruments of outrage manufacturing. Sometimes it's almost like they really don't care about suffering or decency.


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