Sunday, February 25, 2018

John C. Wright blasts the media's naked exploitation of convenient shooting victims

Yep.  By now anyone with a brain should see that Gun Control activists and 2nd Amendment opponents, including those in the media, have conveniently lifted up only those youth from Parkland who are about supporting The Cause.  Those who aren't?  Why, they don't exist. 

Another example of Unpeople in the post-modern age.  Like the former homosexual or conservative Black man, or the pro-life, conservative woman, they simply cease to be.  Mr. Wright calls it for what it is.  That so many conveniently accept the obviously vile practice of not just pushing aside inconvenient information, but inconvenient people, shows that whatever good might - might mind you - come from this or that gun law could very well be at the awful expense of the heart and soul of our nation.

Mr. Wright can sometimes, IMHO, be pretty harsh and the rhetoric a bit shocking.  But in this case, I feel the rhetoric falls far short of the crime.

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