Saturday, July 4, 2020

The worthless and treacherous Republican Party

In one thing Mark Shea was right.  Fools who kept supporting the Republican party as if the GOP gave a rip about anything conservatives or Christians cared about were fools indeed.

Nothing has shown the wisdom of Mark's insight more than the last few weeks.  Almost overnight, the GOP has gone from stunned silence to embracing the Marxist driven narratives and revolution to overthrow America and the Christian West.

So it's the GOP - that's the GOP - proposing we ban Columbus Day, and replace it with Juneteenth (the celebration of the end of slavery focusing not at all on anything white Americans did to end it).  That's the GOP.  The ones conservatives and traditionalists and others who love our country thought they could count on to defend our country, its traditions, its heroes, it heritage.   The more I watch the GOP cave, surrender and betray, the more I think of this scene from the movie Braveheart:

In his fight against William Wallace, King Edward I thinks he has the Irish on his side when lo, the rascally Irish stop and shake hands with Wallace.  Sometimes you just can't count on people to stay loyal.  A lesson played out more than once over the course of human history.

That's what we're seeing now.  As if to say, "Whew, thank  goodness we can stop the charade.  Now we can finally trash this pissy country and its pissy heritage and its pissy Christians and get with the powers and money changers at the new Marxist parties with the T&A", the GOP is showing themselves for what they've been for decades. 

People say 'But the party of Reagan!'.  Here's the dirty secret.  It was never the party of Reagan, as Bush, Sr. made clear when he immediately began trying to distance himself from Reagan's brand of conservatism.  It begrudgingly chocked down those hayseeds and religious hicks at voting time, but were happy to vomit them out time and again between election cycles.  Since Bush's time, it's been one long, slow betrayal after betrayal until now they're finally showing their faces.

The shock is that we still imagined the GOP, if it didn't care about the social and religious conservative side, still cared about America.  In a pinch, we still imagined the GOP would rise to the occasion and rally with others out to defend the heritage of the civilization that brought human rights, democracy, freedom and the dignity of the human person to the world.  Boy were we wrong.   Happy 4th of July. 

As of now, the GOP will get no more votes of mine.  For all that he became, you have to give credit where it is due.  When it comes to what the GOP was and has been for years, Mark Shea was very, very right.


  1. Times like this, you start to realize what inspired Denethor for Tolkien.

    Though I will say temper your rage just a hair. In politics, there are only 3 choices: You can play the game, you can forfeit, or you can shoot the other player. The republicans are disappointing, but maybe we can vote in some more spines.

    Otherwise, we have only 2 choices left.

    1. But boy, they can be frustrating.

    2. It's hard to be anything the stunned. I've said that in this all, with the Marxists and anti-American movements coming out of the closet, the really shocking thing has been the almost complete surrender on the part of so many outlets, leaders and industries conservatives thought safely theirs. Even Trump's final push out has been giving several nods to the premises of the Left with a 'you go too far' sound instead of shutting them down completely.


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