Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The sorry and pitiful world of the modern Left

On display here.  It turns out the news stories I heard were true.  I hoped they weren't.  Because it's sad, and pathetic, and an obvious attention grab from a vocalist whose contributions to the music world have long, long, long passed their sell by date.

Apparently David Lee Roth, former front man of the group Van Halen from way back in the early 1980s, will be changing his name because, well, Lee.  You know, as in Robert E.  As in some Nazi slaver and something.  So Roth goes bravely into the spotlight to make this courageous turn and hope to hype his brand.

A couple things.  First, when you live in a country where you think changing your name because it's the same as someone else, who is said to be irredeemably evil, will score points, then you better think real hard about the country you're living in.

Second, when fighting the Nazis from within Nazi Germany, note there was seldom an attempt to hype one's brand in doing so.  If you were helping those persecuted by the Nazis, or fighting the German leadership, you didn't make a big stink about it.  Just as the dearth of fake hate crimes that happened in Nazi Germany is telling when thinking about the attempts to portray America as a second Nazi state through endless fake hate crimes, so also worth noting was the dearth of those who thought they could increase their brand by openly fighting against the German establishment from within in the 1930s and 1940s.

Again, I get this is a desperate political stunt from a performer whose prime has long gone the way of the butter churn.  I understand that it's all the vogue in the entertainment world today to renounce anything to do with the heritage of the county that has made them rich and famous.  It's a bit like cocaine in the 1980s - everyone is doing it.  Nonetheless, when you think on it, a few things come out that says much of what they're hoping to prove - the unprecedented evil of our nation and its heritage - they just might be proving the opposite.


  1. I think he returned a decade ago & is still the lead man for Van Halen.

    1. I heard something like that. I remember he joined but then left. And it seems that happened again IIRC. But I lost track.


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