Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Culturally arrogant?

No my child. In the olden days, that was called racism.  Or, more specifically, antisemitism.  You know, quoting Hitler in tirades against Jews?  That's known as more than just 'culturally arrogant' or a 'cultural blind spot.'  And before we continue, can we put to rest this narrative that if it had been a white player, the reaction would have been different?  You're damn right it would have been.  The white player in question would have been fired and hung out to dry, no questions asked. 

But because it's a black athlete waxing Himmler (or Farrakhan), he's fined some money (a sizable amount), and allowed to go on business as usual.  And his violation?  Apparently 'cultural arrogance.' 

No, it's racism.  One of the most racist - and demonstrably false and stupid - beliefs in recent generations has been the idea that only Caucasians are genetically programmed to be racist by birth.  There are two types of people who believe this. There are fools who keep their heads in the sand and ignore the obvious.  And there are liars and bigots whose agendas necessitate such nakedly stupid and racist ideas. 

Fact is, through my life, I've seen and heard plenty of racism from all sides and from all people.  In college I knew non-whites who were racist toward other ethnic groups.  Antisemitic, too.  One of the most Jew hating antisemites I ever knew was a Middle Eastern student I knew in college.  Liberals were often antisemitic as well back then, and sometimes racist (though not as often).  Over the years I've heard the worst insults against Muslims and Hispanics come from black Americans.  And I've heard white liberals trash Africans who refuse to get on the good ship Liberal Wokeness. 

Fact is, racism, bigotry, xenophobia are universals and have been found in all places through all times.   One need only read accounts from other peoples through the ages to see how they speak of those from other cultures they meet for the first time.  Read what Muslims thought of Franks even before the Crusades.  Read what American Indians had to say about European immigrants.  Read anything Japanese ever said about anyone not Japanese.

No.  What he said was as antisemitic as a skinhead or neo-Nazi.  He has his job only because of his skin color, and the stupidly false and racist narrative that you can always tell a racist by the color of his skin. 

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