Wednesday, July 29, 2020

When scientists strike a nerve

Whenever they don't conform to the leftist line of thinking. 

So all of Social Media - and even MSM outlets today - have exploded over some press conference by some doctors challenging the majority opinion regarding Covid-19.  They aren't the first medical pros I've seen question the majority opinion.  And since the majority opinion includes that wonderful observation that large outdoor gatherings can lead to spikes in Covid-19 - unless you're doing it for Black Lives Matter, count me skeptical about lionizing the majority opinion as the same as truth.

In fact, to be honest, almost all we know about this virus is what good old horse sense would have said before we knew about the virus: avoid close contact, isolate yourself, if you get worse see a doctor, keep clean and practice good hygiene, and basically avoid those who are vulnerable since they, as in most cases, will be particularly susceptible to severe reactions to an infection.  Without doctors we could figure that out.  Almost everything else has been contradicted, changed, modified, or in some ways shown to be false or at least incomplete, often without clear and concise information that isn't challenged by other professionals.  So forgive me if I don't just belch "Science!" and think that's the end of the debate. 

But this conference hit a nerve, and almost overnight it turns out the doctors in question are, in fact, the most stupid, evil, worthless, wacked out, idiotic, religious fanatics and frauds and quacks and liars and partisan hacks you ever saw.  In just days the Internet has been flooded with pieces, like here, here and here eviscerating them.   Meanwhile, mainline outlets have come out and all but said they're wrong, they've lied, and Trump is again guilty of spreading false information.

Sigh.  To be honest, I don't know.  Again, all we seem to 'know' of this pandemic is what old timers would have arrived at without no more than an elementary education.  Almost everything else has been modified, dismissed or proven wrong. Or we're waiting for that grand breakthrough that science has done on occasion so well over the years.  Therefore I'm not wading into what the doctors say or not, and which is right or wrong.  I'm not a doctor, and there is no way to tell.

I certainly won't, however, let the press's character assassination influence me.  That's one thing the press does now, and that's act in the person of the Left's Secret Police (think Brett Kavanaugh).  Raise your head and challenge the leftist narrative and you better not have been less than perfect in your life.  The press will find the slightest imperfection and throw it out to expose you and hopefully destroy you.  If you're on board the good ship Marxist, of course, there's no such scrutiny.  For all I know, Dr. Fauci ran guns to communist rebels or was master of a child sex slave operation.  I know nothing about Dr. Fauci except what the press has focused on, and that's just enough to nominate him for Fourth Person of the Holy Trinity.  Because, at the end of the day, Dr. Fauci says what the Left clearly wants to hear (personally I'm sure he's a fine person in a difficult situation who had best be careful about the intoxicating lure of media adoration).

I just know that when the Left/Press reacts this swiftly and this brutally, something important happened.  I'm not saying the doctors aren't quacks. For all I know they got their medical licenses through a mail in service from Bob's Medical School and BBQ Pit.  I just know there is only one reason why Dr. Fauci has been lauded as a rock star who is only slightly lower than the angels, while in a matter of a day or two, I've learned these people are like the Waffen SS but without the whimsy.  That alone is enough to make me pay closer attention in the coming weeks.

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