Monday, July 13, 2020

In praise of John Wayne

Too young to guess his country would turn on him
I must admit, I was never a big John Wayne fan.  My parents weren't fans, so I didn't grow up on a steady diet of his movies. Not that they hated him or anything.  We just didn't watch his movies that often.

And it isn't as if we would never watch them.  If there was one we liked, we would watch it. Sometimes we'd watch it because that was the movie of the week.  But we were not huge John Wayne groupies.  Then again, we didn't worship the Founding Fathers as gods, which apparently is what you do if you oppose their legacies and memorials being destroyed and eradicated.

Which brings us to John Wayne, the first fruits of the dystopian Left's next phase, in which mere citizens of America begin having their names tarnished and their reputations condemned and their legacies expunged, following the typical Stalin inspired approach to eliminating that which the Soviet declares unclean.

Because Wayne marks an important next step in the Left's move to eradicate the West and America, moving against mere citizens rather than political leaders or those representing America's government, he acts as a canary in the coal mine.  A trend made possible by teaching more and more generations to hate, resent, and seek revenge and the eradication of others they blame for their problems, rather than seeking forgiveness, unity, reconciliation and self-reflection.

And the churches of America have stood by and let this happen, or have joined in.  So much for our brave religious leaders standing up and taking one for the Gospel team, or even humanity in general.

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