Thursday, July 30, 2020

Loyola University Stalinizes Flannery O'Conner

Rod Dreher has the lowdown.  Yet again, the young Bolsheviks demand condemnation, eradication and destruction.  And once again the older generation soils underwear and capitulates in kind.  I've not seen anything like this.  Sure, we've been weaned on this for some time, and the move toward totalitarianism has been making strides under the oft laughed at and belittled notion of Political Correctness.

But for it to turn over so quickly.  The Charleston Shooting was the beginning.  When we went from 'remove Confederate flags from state houses' to 'eradicate anything remotely to do with the South', you could see trouble brewing.  When the whole was predicated on 'we judge entire societies, ethnic groups and do so mercilessly and without humility for those reprobates who had the temerity not to be born in our righteously superior age', we should have seen the warning flags.

The election of Donald Trump blew the lid off Pandora's box.  Had the Left not wanted the destruction of the Christian West and America, it would have regrouped and reconsidered its strategies that led to such a disastrous and humiliating defeat.  But now we know the goal of the Left is nothing less than a communist styled totalitarianism built on ever changing forms of bigotry, racism, prejudice, judgmentalism, censorship, thought control, persecution and tyranny. 

The shocking thing is the speed with which this took off.  Chart it on a graph, and it's literally exponential growth. Almost every day now we judge and condemn without mercy or humility a growing mountain pile of anyone or anything that came before.  We destroy, we erase, we ban, we censor.  And those who do it are from every corner of the country, including conservatives, traditionalists, Christians and just about anyone else afraid of what has already seized our country.

Again, thinking on all the interviews and biographies and histories I've read about the  various terror states of the last century, one thing always unites the testimonies.  Whether China, or Russia, or Germany, or Italy, or any nation that became swept up in these socialist and communist revolutions, there was always one common lament: they never saw it coming because it happened so fast.  One day it was Mother Russia, two weeks later almost anything to do with Russia was being dismantled.  One day it was the German people, the next day it was the Nazis, and you had best fall in line or else.

What we are seeing happen is what those hapless fools of the last century witnessed, and we're watching it happen just as speedily.  It might be too late at this point.  The Marxists have all of the major power centers of society, and have no compunction about using lies and censorship and attack in order to stop any who deviate.  And they're enjoying a growing number of Americans scrambling to jump on board lest they, too, end up in the Left's crosshairs.  So we'll see.  But whatever, it doesn't look good.

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