Friday, July 3, 2020

Abby Johnson under fiery assault

I know little about Ms. Johnson.  I know she had a 'conversion' experience from being pro-abortion to pro-life.  As such, she has become quite the hero in the pro-life movement.   As such, she has no doubt been under withering assault from the Left's version of the KGB known as the news media.  Again, I know little of her, but I'd wager there have been 'investigative reports' that suggest whatever bad they can suggest.  Same thing that has been done with Candace Owens.

Apparently this, which has brought about the ire of Catholic bloggers, here and here, has to do with her biracial baby that she adopted.  She said things that, if you assume she's a liar and vile racist, are damning.  Of course she may mean nothing at all. It may just be innocent banter about her adopted baby.

In the 21st century, however, there is nothing innocent, especially among those who stray from the Leftist Plantation.  In Ms. Johnson's case (and Ms. Owens), they represent particularly dangerous threats to the Left.  They are 'designated special groups', in this case women (or in Ms. Owens' case, a black women).  So when they stray from the plantation, they jeopardize the slick and easy stereotypes and narratives the Left labors to instill in our minds.

Therefore, like blacks, former homosexuals, anti-illegal immigration Hispanics, pro-Christian heritage Jews, or any from DSGs, they must be cut down to size.  They must be beaten down, or just beaten, until they return to the camps or get banished to oblivion. This is the nation the Left wants.  You will cow to the Left, or pay the ultimate price.  We see it coming, will we be able to muster what it takes to stop it?  The future knows. 

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