Friday, July 17, 2020

Anti-Catholic hate crimes continue

Another statue of the Blessed Virgin has been desecrated.  And here, a statue of Christ Himself has been beheaded.   If you're waiting for the national press to run with these stories, I wouldn't.  Certainly don't hold your breath.

Some Catholics, like Mark Shea, say this is acceptable and have even defended some cases of it, or at least downplayed them.  Others, like Fr. James Martin, have been willing to discuss the criticism of Christian art based on the wrong ethnic portrayals in that art.  In the city soon to be the former city of Columbus, Ohio, Mayor Ginther and the City Council did what the KKK tried to do and failed, and that's get rid of Christopher Columbus.  Though no doubt they will retort that they did what the KKK wanted to do, but for the right reasons.  He was European, Caucasian, and Christian, and that's why they ditched him.  Not just because he was Catholic.  Given that we here in the Buckeye State entertain Black History Month and Indigenous Peoples - both groups with much death and slavery and conquest in their histories - it can't be because of anything Columbus did.

This war on the West is more broadly a war on Christ.  This is Antichrist.  This is the Beast.  And its greatest victory isn't those who have rejected the Gospel who now make war upon it.  It's not even those within the folds of the faithful who join forces of heresy, blaspheme, slaughter for debauchery and tyranny.  The greatest victory will be when those who see the writing ion the wall and see the Enemy for who he is, but will do little to nothing about it.

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