Friday, July 24, 2020

A Day of Mourning for the Hagia Sophia

A story of monumental proportions that has received very little coverage by the "news media", and even less concern in other circles. Many have dismissed the concerns altogether.  Some no doubt are thrilled.  Neither the US Bishops nor Pope Francis seem to be more than saddened.

This is not coincidence as I've said before.  This is simply the early phases of the world finally taking the steps it feels invited to take.  When the world watches Christians in Europe and America discuss just how much of the Christian and Western traditions need dismantled and disposed of, you can bet others with their own agendas will jump in.

The world of Islam spent most of its history trying at various times and in various places to invade and sweep through Europe.  Each time, in different manners and moments, it was stopped.  Do we really think Muslims just gave up on the dream?  Do we believe our own wicked Government is bent on world conquest and imperialism?  Obviously.  I hear it all the time.  Do we think such is confined to the US?  Some who are foolish and partisan do.  But they shouldn't.

There are other parts of the world that would love to have the upper hand in the world.  And we're about ready to find out what happens when they get it.  Sadly, it will be our children and their children who pay the price.  If there is divine justice, we won't slip by so easily for our folly.

Nonetheless, at least the US Bishops are doing something.  They're posting on the Twitter Account (yuck) a day of mourning for the Hagia Sophia once more being taken over by the Islamic star and crescent.  And for those secularists who mourn this only because it points to some dreaded religious fundamentalism, don't be fooled.  They'd happily see it reduced to a museum as they would see the rest of the Christian world reduced to the same.  For Christians, watching secularists and Muslims debate over what should happen to the Hagia Sophia should put in mind Fay Wray watching King Kong battle the Tyrannosaurus Rex.  There's not much to root for if that is where we put our hope.

Perhaps it's time to rise up and stand firm for our faith.  Who knows?  We might notice a difference in our people and our prospective converts.


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