Saturday, July 11, 2020

Dungeons and Dragons goes woke

It must be immensely satisfying to continually apologize for the sins of those who have accomplished more than we have.  My boys, who are big into the whole sci-fi/fantasy gig, informed me that Wizards of the Coast, the company that owns the D&D label, will be issuing copious apologizes for the bigotry and racism and sexism of D&D's originators.

Like so many, WotC's contributions today are likely shallow and lame additions to the breadth and depth of innovations they inherited. Perhaps it is because of a deep down realization that our generations will have little to show for our time on this world, the best we can do is beat down those who built the ladders upon which we have climbed.

I don't know.  Perhaps there is a greater conspiracy at work.  But a generation that displays its righteousness by constantly beating down and apologizing for generations long dead has some serious mental and emotional issues.  Issues that could explain the widespread suicide rates, drug abuse, mental disorders and general hopelessness we're seeing, none of which seem placated by our constant repentance for the sins of everyone else.

Action shot of my boys playing a soon to be condemned board game. America, 2020

Important Update: Our ten year old won.  Heh.  Owing to the three older brothers' stubbornness.  Refusing to cooperate and clashing over strategies, they allowed their youngest to stealthily skip through to the finish line.  I told them they have a good lesson to learn from their first game.  Next time cooperate to avoid having three young adults get their clocks cleaned by their ten year old brother.

Another Update: I'm not expert on all things D&D, but here is a site that is tracking the madness.  My boys say we're already in a dystopian fantasy and don't realize it.  The mark of a dystopian fantasy (or any of the totalitarian regimes of the last century, is that they are cults at the end of the day.  The people in them pass the ability to know they are in them.  No matter how stupid, ridiculous or wrong, then accept it because.  So declaring your righteousness by eliminated racism against fictional monster races is seen as a mark of moral superiority.  As is declaring the lack of connection between sex and babies, or the non-existence of gender, or the fact that if you're not willing to judge and segregate then you're a racist.  When we hit this level of dumb, we're already 84% there.


  1. New blog up for keeping track of it all.

    1. My boys say we're 80% dystopian and don't even realize is.


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