Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Black Americans and White Liberals starring as King Theoden and Wormtongue

In one of our many tangents during our family prayer time, one of my sons said this about the LoTR in terms of our modern discourse on racism.  Let me explain. A very popular story I tell, largely for humorous effect, is from a stint I had at a major insurance company some years ago.  It was right before I had to come home to take care of my Mom.

I was a manger in the ultra-middle management sense of the word.  Three others and I had a department of over 120 people, divided somewhat equally between the four of us.  It was a hassle, let me tell you.  The company made it clear that firing anyone would require a dozen fiery hoops to be jumped through on our part.  Furthermore, while it was never said explicitly, it made it clear nonetheless that any employees who fell into certain 'demographics' would need an extra dozen hoops added to the process.

One day, a fellow manager was standing next to the large windows, staring down over the parking lot.  He was the only African American among us four managers. I went over to see what he was looking at. One of his team members - we'll call him 'Bob' - was walking toward his car.  I asked him why, and he said he was going home.

Going home?  I asked what was wrong.  The manager told me nothing.  Bob just sent an email saying "3 o'clock, time to go!", and left.  Bob, also, was African American.  I asked if that was it, and the manager said yep.  He just came to the window to watch him leave.  A week later, and Bob was still at his job.  Not the best worker by far, but not fired either.  The manager told me that was a massive problem  - in the Black community.  A dumbing down of expectations coupled with a feeling of entitlement and blaming others for the results of their actions.  And almost never a serious, national dialogue about what black Americans have to do on their parts to improve their situation.

It's a funnier story told, and my boys (and wife) still get a kick out of it.  "3 o'clock, time to go!" is an oft repeated phrase in our home.  But it's also telling.  What the manager said still rings in my ears, and I know he's not the only black American to think such a thing.  In fact, right before the accusations of sexual assault came out against him, Bill Cosby shook the African American world by giving an infamous speech in which he said many of the problems in the black community were the fault of the black community.  Of course we know what ended up happening to Cosby, so his word isn't worth much nowadays.

But that got the family to thinking, as we are wont to do.  And it was during a talk about what we are seeing happen that one of my sons brought up the comparison.  That the black community, victims of slavery, racism, discrimination, segregation and overt oppression over the ages, have nonetheless been kept in the same predicament by the Left, even as the Democrats and the American Left have given the impression of letting them go free.

In fact, it seems that the American Left reacts violently to anyone suggesting in any way that the black community should do anything other than what it's been doing for decades.  Despite cataclysmic rates of violent crime, homicides, drugs, gang violence, domestic violence, broken homes and fatherless children, there is almost no call for improvement on their part that doesn't somehow wrap itself into them being the victims of anything else.  That somehow, no matter what they do, it's always and ever someone else's - basically white America's - fault.

The ones telling them this are those who make a living off of racial injustice and tensions, and of course, good, white liberals.  Especially good, white liberals in positions of wealth and power.

Is it a stretch to think that the party that profited off of slavery, and established Jim Crow laws, and pushed segregation, didn't purge that attitude out of its bloodstream in a few short years?  That the party that defined America's worst racism of its past continues to have it, just in different forms now owing to the legislation it actually opposed in the day?  That it found a different, slicker way to keep black Americans down and dependent on them while at the same time serving their interests?

Is it too far fetched to imagine that the American left whispers in black America's ears that they really are inferior, that their standards should be lowered, that expectations for them should drop, that they should be expected to be on drugs, engage in violence and abandon their families since it's logical owing to all the evils white America has visited on them?  And furthermore, if they'll keep supporting these various Civil Rights organizations and keep electing certain politicians into power, somehow, some day, it will all be made right?

I know, when this is said you're accused of being a racist and selling black American short.  But after more than a half century of everything being the same, isn't it worth asking?  I'm not proud.  I'm sure I've been a sucker for a sales pitch over the years.  Is it possible that the black community have been snookered all this time, especially since liberal Americans had so many different institutions selling them the same wind song?

It's something to think about.  The idea that the Democrats play the black community is nothing new.  The idea that Civil Rights leaders who make millions off of racial strife, and therefore prefer racial strife, is nothing new.  And if true, this would not be the first time in history such things happened.  Nonetheless, when my boys brought the comparison, it suddenly made sense.  Especially the idea that it's just not racial strife the Left wants or that they don't care about the plight of the black community, but that they actively encourage the behaviors and attitudes within the black community that perpetuate the plight.  I just hope someone takes the black community out into the cool breezes of the real world and gets them to ponder the possibility.  Before it's too late.

'Assuredly not. lord,' said Wormtongue. 'I care for you and yours as best I may. But do not weary yourself, or tax too heavily your strength. Let others deal with these irksome guests. Your meat is about to be set on the board. Will you not go to it?'
'I will,' said Théoden. 'And let food for my guests be set on the board beside me. The host rides today. Send the heralds forth! Let them summon all who dwell nigh! Every man and strong lad able to bear arms, all who have horses, let them be ready in the saddle at the gate ere the second hour from noon!'
'Dear lord!' cried Wormtongue. 'It is as I feared. This wizard has bewitched you. Are none to be left to defend the Golden Hall of your fathers, and all your treasure? None to guard the Lord of the Mark?'
'If this is bewitchment,' said Théoden, 'it seems to me more wholesome than your whisperings. Your leechcraft ere long would have had me walking on all fours like a beast. No, not one shall be left, not even Gríma. Gríma shall ride too. Go! You have yet time to clean the rust from your sword.'

JRR Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers 

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